Become a Student Member

Being a student member of the NBASW provides you with opportunities to apply for student bursaries, network with experienced social work professionals and connect with your professional association. Best of all, student membership with the NBASW is FREE!

Student members are not permitted to use the title “social worker” or “social work technician” and may not practice social work or as a social work technician.

Note on timeframe
The NBASW aims to review applications on a weekly basis. You will be contacted by the NBASW once all required application documents have been received, and a decision on your application has been made.


Apply as a Social Work Student Member

Submit the following documents to

Apply as a Social Work Technician Student Member

Submit the following documents to

  • Member Application Form for student membership.
  • Confirmation of Enrollment from the College Registrar (or ask the College Registrar to forward one directly to the NBASW) confirming that you are enrolled in a recognized Social Work Technician Program.

The recognized programs for Social Work Technicians are currently NBCC’s Social Service Community Worker Program and CCNB’s Technique en service social et communautaire program.

Please note: student membership becomes null and void upon graduation. If you are a student pursuing further education in social work immediately following the completion of a program you must inform the NBASW office to have your student membership extended. (Social Work Technician Program>Bachelor of Social Work>Master of Social Work).

After graduation, if you wish to remain a member of the NBASW, you must apply to be a member of the Association.