To lodge a complaint, please complete this form and email it to our Registrar at, providing as many details as possible. 

In New Brunswick, anyone representing themselves or practicing as a

must be registered with the New Brunswick Association of Social Workers (NBASW).

Everyone receiving the services of a registered social worker and/or a registered social work technician is entitled to be treated fairly, respectfully and ethically. While the majority of social workers and social work technicians in New Brunswick abide by these standards, situations may arise that result in a complaint against a social worker or a social work technician.

The New Brunswick Association of Social Workers’ (NBASW) objective is to uphold the integrity of the profession and to ensure that the public receives the services of qualified and competent social workers and social work technicians.

If you would like to talk to someone about the conduct or behavior of a social worker or social work technician, or someone who is representing themselves as a such, or about the NBASW complaint process before lodging a formal complaint, please contact the NBASW Registrar at 506-444-9196, or by email at

What the NBASW cannot do

  • Address complaints about individuals who were never registered with the NBASW, unless they are falsely claiming to be a social worker or a social work technician, or using such titles.
  • Consider anonymously placed complaints.
  • Process complaints without notifying the respondent about the complaint.
  • Modify or remove information from a complaint.


  • Any questions regarding the collection of the use of this information should be directed to the NBASW Registrar.
  • All correspondence from the NBASW Registrar will be sent to the email address you have provided.
  • A complete copy of the Complaints Form will be sent to the social worker or social work technician for a response.



Please ensure you have done the following:

  • Provided the full name of the social worker or social work technician involved. (*If there is more than one social worker or social work technician involved in your allegation, please complete a separate allegation form for each one).
  • Provided a complete, detailed description of the complaint.
  • Provided your name and contact information where you can be reached during the day.