Injunction against Mario Vigneau

The New Brunswick Association of Social Workers (NBASW) would like to inform the public that Mario Vigneau has agreed to a court order from the Court of King’s Bench which prevents him from practicing social work.

The Association represents more than 2, 250 social workers throughout the province. Its role is the promotion of excellence in social work practice and the protection of the public, including protecting against the practice of the profession by people who are unqualified, incompetent, or unsuitable.

To practice the social work profession or perform any social work activity, any individual must be a registered member of the Association under the provisions of section 9 of the New Brunswick Association of Social Workers Act, 2019.

Under the Act, any individual who is not registered as a practicing member of the Association but uses the title or designation “social worker” or “Registered Social Worker”, performs any social work activity, or acts in such a manner as to lead to the belief that the person has the right to practice the profession commits a public offence.

The Association was informed that Mr. Mario Vigneau, a former member of the Association, was advertising as a social worker, and his name appeared online as a social worker.  

The Registrar, Martine Paquet, then sent two letters advising Mr. Vigneau that he had to formally apply for reinstatement to the Association if he wanted to continue practicing social work. The legal counsel and lawyer of the Association, Dominic Caron, also sent a letter to Mr. Vigneau advising him that he had to meet the Association’s requirements. Despite the deadlines that were set and the various attempts to communicate with Mr. Vigneau, he did not submit documents to the Association and continued to carry out functions that are part of the social work scope of practice and continued to represent himself as a “social worker” without being registered.  

Therefore, the Association had to act to fulfill its statutory mandate to regulate the practice of its members and to serve and protect the public`s interest. The Association therefore tabled a notice of motion with the court so that Mr. Vigneau would be prevented by an interlocutory injunction from practicing the social work profession and representing himself as able to practice the social work profession.

A hearing on the motion for an interlocutory injunction was held on September 15, 2023. During the hearing, Mr. Vigneau agreed to a court order that he would be prohibited by injunction from doing the following:

a)      practicing social work;

b)     displaying, taking or using the title of a social worker or using any addition to or abbreviation of such a title;

c)      advertising, holding out, or representing in any way or by any means that would imply to be a social worker;

d)     holding out the ability to practice social work; and

e)     performing any other service which is recognized as part of the social work scope of practice.




Miguel LeBlanc, Executive Director of the NBASW
P.O. Box 1533, Station A
Fredericton, N.B.
E3B 5G2