Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Program of Choice – Paramedical Services Clinical Care Managers

In an effort to assist Veterans with complex health needs, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is seeking qualified providers who would like to register as a Clinical Care Manager (CCM) on behalf of VAC.

CCMs will assist VAC Case Managers (CMs) in supporting Veterans with complex health needs and their family members (when deemed appropriate) in achieving desired outcomes.
The role of the CCM involves the utilization of clinical expertise. The CCM does not diagnose, provide clinical therapy, treatment or crisis intervention. The CCM utilizes their clinical expertise to assist the CM (who remains the primary Case Manager) in implementing the VAC case plan to:

  • build a strong supportive relationship with the Veteran and/or family;
  • support the case plan developed by the VAC CM and the Veteran;
  • connect the Veteran to and support their involvement with providers and services;
  • assist the Veteran in engaging or re-engaging with his/her community;
  • help the Veteran develop or re-develop his/her daily functioning skills;
  • provide progress reports as required, and
  • network with other professionals.

Registration criteria includes:

-A degree from a recognized university in one of the following disciplines with a strong focus in mental health:

  • Nursing (Bachelor),
  • Psychology (Master or PhD – Education level required by your province of practice to qualify you as a Psychologist),
  • Social Work (Master),
  • Occupational Therapy (Bachelor) or
  • Psychoeducator (Quebec only – Bachelor in Psychoeducation with graduation prior to 2002 and Masters for graduation dates post 2002).

-Membership in good standing with the relevant provincial or territorial professional regulatory body.

-Five (5) or more years of recent mental health and related work experience; three (3) years must be full time supervised experience. Recent experience is defined as experience within the last two (2) years.

The role of a CCM is not a permanent or contract position within Veterans Affairs Canada. A CCM is a third party fee-for-service provider who will be placed on a list with
Medavie Blue Cross (MBC). Providers are registered with MBC and will provide
services, as required, to Veterans on behalf of VAC and submit claims electronically via
ePay for processing to MBC.

For more information or to register as a Clinical Care Manager, please contact
Medavie Blue Cross at 1-888-261-4033 or visit our website at