Based on provincial labour projections, social work has been identified as the second highest profession in need of a recruitment and retention strategy. Based on the pre-pandemic demand for social work services, it was projected that by 2030 there will be a shortage of 272 social workers in the province.

With population needs rising since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased demand for social work services across sectors and we are already seeing a shortage of social workers in New Brunswick. Without significant action, it it is likely that the future gap for social workers would be even greater than is forecasted in this projection.

The NBASW led the development of a 5-year Social Work Recruitment and Retention Strategy to ensure there are enough social workers in the province to meet the needs of citizens, both now and for years to come.

The strategy, led by NBASW and developed with individuals from the various government departments, health authorities, schools of social work, colleges, and unions, highlights key actions and initiatives that will be taken to recruit and retain New Brunswick social workers.

Below is information relating to this Recruitment and Retention Strategy.



Social Work Recruitment and Retention Strategy

This report explains the Recruitment and Retention Strategy, providing details on the need for the Strategy, key stakeholders’ involvement, Key Performance Indicators, and the strategic goals that will be achieved over the next five years.



Recruiting and Retaining Social Workers in New Brunswick

This document highlights the data collected from the social work recruitment and retention survey.



Results from the Social Work Recruitment and Retention Strategy Member Survey

This document examines the data collected from the recruitment and retention survey.



The Importance of Regulation in Social Work & Beyond: A Request for Feedback on Regulating Social Work Technicians

This document explores the possibility of NBASW regulating social work paraprofessionals and asks members various questions about their stance on the subject.